An Information About Best Teen Fiction Books

Dystopias are an imaginary world, worse than the present world, where under the illusion of an ideal society generated by political, technological, corporate or other controls, there is strict social control. Dystopian novels condemn societal values, politics, religion, corporate control, and technology, providing readers with a worst-case scenario, and challenging political and social structures. Also quite as dismissive of the future in a negative way are the best dystopian novels. These books concentrate on futuristic stories with realistic technical or scientific material and aim to investigate the societal impact of technology. Dystopian novels are a genre that is crossed by many literary authors, best teen fiction books including non-science fiction writers, writing stories that include a setting for science fiction, or just focusing on its boundaries. Below are some of the best novels in dystopia.

Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood The book’s story comes from Offred, the first female. In a time when fertile ladies are forced to be breeding machines to keep the population alive, she is a cook. This is because the earth is a post-nuclear world where many women are unable to have children. It’s a fantastic dystopian story that’s terrifying about how society changed from the way it was supposed to be very believable.

Dream Caster (Dream Cycle #1) by Najeev Raj Nadarajah Dream Caster is one of the best dystopian novels depicting a bleak picture of the world to come; a world without and beyond what we see as current culture and society today. Weaver, the narrator, has no memory of his past life or experience, and knows only that he is 16 but not yet 17, he has to flee the only population ghetto he has known to find his own way. Weaver learns in the process that he has a unique power as a dream caster, a person who can work on and form the truth of consensus as he likes it. Unfortunately, although weaver is pure of heart and mind and only wants to do good things, there is another Dream Caster who can mold reality without the purity of intentions of the protagonist.

Most of William Gibson’s novels revolve around a futuristic world of the future. A hacker is hired to work on an ultimate hack in the gritty underground of a Japanese city. The adventure begins in a world flooded with genetic engineering, virtual reality, and land-powered corporations. The author beat to the punch other contemporary sci-fi authors, and this dystopian book is one of today’s most influential.

Jack London’s Iron Heel This is one of America’s best dystopian novels about the emergence of an authoritarian corporate oligarchy. The way most dystopian novels do now, this novel does not pay attention to technology. The novel highlighted changes in politics and society, with the oligarchy produced by robber barons bankrupting all middle-class individuals and seizing power before a caste system of workers was put into effect. This was one of the best dystopian novels well ahead of his time. There are some of the most popular and interesting dystopian novels around. It’s fun to imagine such a world as ours, but with harsher realities.