Dallas Home Buyers – An Overview

The residential home inspection is most commonly something a potential buyer arranges as a protection against hidden, undisclosed costs. But the home inspection can also be a tool the home seller uses to realize savings. Sellers often spend money up front for fix-up chores and repairs, anticipating that this will facilitate the sale and that they will get some or all of their expenses back upon closing. This article will show that the home inspection can be treated in much the same way.

What a home inspection can do for the seller is give him a leg up on his competition. Especially in a buyer’s market such as we have today, any advantage is golden. Listing agents will tell you that the better a house is staged, the more it attracts potential buyers and the greater the chance to receive an offer at or near the asking price. In some cases, staging one’s home isn’t practical, such as when the seller is physically unable to do it, cannot afford even fix-up costs, or intentionally markets the house as a fixer-upper. If so, taking the trouble to contract one’s own home inspection will still go a long way towards adding value in the eyes of a buyer. Look at this website Dallas Home Buyers

Sellers should understand that, despite stronger disclosure rules nowadays, buyers are warier than they used to be. It is rare for a buyer not to order a home inspection, regardless of appearances. The seller should anticipate the buyer changing his mind and terminating the purchase agreement. Alternatively, he may request a (further) reduction in price and/or the completion of certain repairs prior to closing.

A great strategy to adopt in trying to avoid such disappointment and back-and-forth is having the house inspected before listing it for sale. This thorough examination, based on checklists and Standards of Practice, brings a fresh set of eyes to the building’s condition.